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How is the raw material DMC situation this week?

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The organic silicon industry chain continues to be positive. This week, DMC soared by 1,500 yuan, and the mainstream reported 24.5-25 yuan/KG. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently reported that in 2022, the stable growth of the industry must be placed in the most important position and the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry will be improved. Strengthen the economic "ballast stone". Efforts will be made to boost the industrial economy and provide strong support for stabilizing the economic market. It is necessary to break through the "blocking points" and "stuck points" in the supply of key products, implement the strategy of "increasing varieties, improving quality, and creating brands", expand the consumption of new energy vehicles, green smart home appliances, and green building materials, and provide service guarantees for major foreign-funded projects. Accelerate the advancement of innovation and breakthroughs in basic and key areas, and further enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain. Increase the relief assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the specialization and new development of enterprises. Enhance the supply capacity of information and communication services. Promote the in-depth expansion of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. Carry out the carbon peaking action in the industrial sector, and steadily promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry.

The European energy crisis continues, and European natural gas prices continue to soar. Yesterday, European natural gas prices surged by 21%, continuing to record highs. Investors are concerned that Russia's natural gas supply (delivered to Western European markets) is still limited. International oil prices rebounded sharply yesterday. The main WTI crude oil futures contract regained the $70/barrel mark and rose by more than 4% during the session.

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