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How is the current shipping port situation?

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Data provided by the Danish consulting company eeSea shows that there are a huge number of container ships waiting for berths outside Ningbo-Zhoushan.

Shipping companies including CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, and COSCO SHIPPING immediately announced that some of their routes would jump from Ningbo to Shanghai.

James Wroe, chief operating officer of Maersk Asia Pacific, said that the closure of the port "obviously will cause direct interference and the risk of further congestion in the surrounding ports when ships and cargo seek diversion." As Maersk ships docked at the docks in Ningbo Beilun Port area instead of Meishan docks, it has not been affected so far.

Affected by both the typhoon and the epidemic, the productivity of Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port has declined recently, and the port congestion is serious. A large number of ships are waiting for berths at the anchorages of Zhoushan Port and Shanghai Port. Shanghai Port has experienced the worst congestion in at least three years. Refinitive data shows that about 30 ships lined up outside Shanghai Yangshan Port to enter the port.

The Danish shipping research institute Sea-Intelligence recently conducted data-led statistics on the congestion situation of 22 major container ports in the world. The results show that Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port have recently faced increasing congestion pressure. Among all 22 ports, the ports with more serious congestion than China's two major ports are: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vietnam.

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