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How about the water repellent performance of silicone material?

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Silicone resin is an organic - inorganic copolymer composed of silicon - oxygen bond.Silicone resin structure contains both "organic groups" and "inorganic structure", this special composition and molecular structure makes it set organic properties and inorganic functions in a body.

1, high temperature resistance

General synthetic resin paint heat resistant temperature is about 150℃ below, and organic silicon paint can be in 200℃ for a long time.If the high temperature pigment is added, the heat resistance can reach 400℃~500℃, special can also reach 800℃~900℃.Therefore, it is suitable for coating high temperature resistant components.

2. Large surface activity and small tension

Because polysiloxane is a symmetric molecule, the substituent group is non-polar organic groups, so the whole molecular formula is non-polar.The intermolecular force is small, the cohesion of the molecule itself is small, so the surface tension is small, when it is dispersed in the surface tension of the medium is large, the medium can be separated, and because it itself and the molecular force between the medium is small, so it can reduce the surface tension of the medium, so that it is not easy to form a foam.This is the silicone oil can be used in the paint defoaming effect of the reason, therefore, can be remixed with paint as defoaming agent, leveling agent, prevent paint film luminescence, pitting, etc., the amount of 0.2%~0.3%.

3, electrical performance and hydrophobicity number

As the outer layer of organic silicone paint has a layer of non-polar organic genes and molecular symmetry, so become the basic reason for its good electrical insulation and hydrophobicity.In terms of insulation, it not only has high insulation resistance, but also has excellent performance in terms of breakdown range and high voltage arc spark resistance, so it can be used for impregnation motor and parts with higher insulation performance requirements, so as to improve the insulation grade of insulating parts.

4, good cold resistance

Due to the structure of silicone macromolecules themselves, the attraction between molecules is weak, which gives it a good cold resistance.The cold resistance of pure organosilicon is about -50℃, and the polyester modified organosilicon paint W31-1 can withstand the temperature below -80℃, therefore, this paint can be used in colder places.

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