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Further rise or "a spent force"? Silicone steps into a "delicate moment"! End of the month trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, 107 rubber market overall offer is mainly stable and small. From the point of view of the supply side, DMC high level unchanged, combined with the monomer factory self use rate is high, so the supply of conventional viscosity of 107 glue is mainly monomer factory, because their 107 glue pre-order has not been fully delivered, the current willingness to make less space, and other small and medium-sized 107 glue enterprises, DMC delivery has been delayed, the inventory is basically empty.

From the demand side, recently by the rainstorm in henan, jiangsu and zhejiang area, the influence of typhoon "fireworks" in addition to the power supply, there are a lot of project construction, it also depends on subsequent discharge, logistics transportation, and last week BaoLei emergencies Evergrande, reflect the real estate market is relatively difficult, for the present in the traditional off-season silicone rubber market, bearish mood overweight, At present, the silicone rubber industry continues to need to purchase mainly, because of the pressure of cost transfer, market trading was temporarily cold. Lead to 107 rubber high transaction, local small profit, but based on 107 rubber factory and downstream rubber factory inventory are low, 107 rubber market is expected to be stable in the short term, follow-up or profit operation.

Silicone oil market: last week, DMC market slightly increased, the cost support for silicone oil manufacturers still. From the perspective of supply, the high raw material cost has always suppressed the purchase volume of silicone oil manufacturers. In addition, the slow arrival of DMC, the inventory of silicone oil manufacturers has also been low, and the single arrangement period has been extended. From the demand side, the downstream silicone rubber, personal protection, textile industry is in the market off-season, in the face of a rise and rise in the raw material market resistance mentality is strong, leading to poor sentiment, silicone oil owners expected to push up the market is difficult, the overall atmosphere is lukewarm, the volume of trading surface is difficult. The market trend of imported silicone oil is also stable and weak, the atmosphere of the transaction is general, the downstream just needs to be purchased, the agents are more offer, and the current inventory has increased. In the short term, silicone oil new single transaction speed has slowed. The main reason for the high price of silicone oil is the strong support of the cost. It is expected that the price of silicone oil market will change with the change of the cost in the near future.

Cracking materials market: last week, cracking materials market as always in short supply, the price with the new material to remain strong, and last week a large number of pyrolysis materials factory high price purchase of waste silica gel, waste silica gel recyclers have increased, this week waste silica gel recyclers are cracking materials factory price rose to 8000-8200 yuan/ton. At present, most cracking material manufacturers still resist the price of waste silica gel, a small number of procurement, in the short term, the waste silica gel continues to pull up the power is not strong. In July cracking plant overall start relatively stable, in early August the central environmental inspection team will be in Guangdong, Hubei, some cracking material manufacturers operating rate will be affected, so in the short term cracking material supply tension situation can still maintain, is expected to increase in cost, new material is still strong, cracking material prices remain high unchanged.

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