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Factors affecting fabric shrinkage

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1. Ingredients

The effect of fiber raw material on the shrinkage is complex. Generally speaking, yarns with easy buckling have a high shrinkage. Yarns that are prone to plastic deformation have a lower rate of shrinkage.


2. Yarn fineness

When weft and warp yarns with different linear densities interweave, the higher the linear densities, the less yarn buckling and the smaller the weaving shrinkage. In the fabrics with the same warp and weft yarn density, the high yarn density yarn fabric has a higher shrinkage.


3. Yarn twist

If the twist is large, the yarn structure is tight, and the stiffness is large, the shrinkage performance is poor and the shrinkage rate is small, on the contrary, the shrinkage rate is large.


4. Average float length

The more points the fabric interweaves, the smaller the average float length, and the greater the flexion of warp and weft yarns, the greater the weaving shrinkage.

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