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Exempting pesticide additives to help agricultural production

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Recently, due to the increasingly severe environmental situation, various countries have stricter regulations on pesticide application. As a new type of pesticide formulation, it can effectively solve the problems encountered by farmers in agricultural production and is sought after by farmers. Polyethyleneimine is an inert pesticide formulation. Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the exemption of Polyethyleneimine as a pesticide adjuvant for the maximum residue limit. The regulation took effect on November 28, 2017. Or the hearing request shall be submitted before January 29, 2018 in accordance with 40CFR§178.


It is understood that this exemption application was submitted by BASF Corporation in accordance with the requirements of the US "Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act."


Polyethyleneimine has an average molecular weight of 1300 amu and can be used as a pesticide emulsifier, surfactant, and dispersant.


The exemption of polyethyleneimine this time is because, after a long period of research and understanding of polyethyleneimine by the US Environmental Protection Agency, it has been found that its toxicity and carcinogenicity have no effect on the health of ordinary people, infants and children; in addition, In order to better protect farmers in agricultural production to solve pests and diseases. Therefore, polyethyleneimine is exempted as a pesticide adjuvant for use in crops and agricultural products.

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