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Do you want to know more about denim hydrophilic finishing agent?

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Considering the market demand, we finally succeeded in developing the Hydrophilic silicone Softener CY-404, a soft and fluffy hydrophilic finishing suitable for all fiber fabrics, especially suitable for the finishing of towels and denim fabrics.

1. Product introduction:

Soft and fluffy is a new-generation highly concentrated ester-based quaternary ammonium softener. It is suitable for soft and hydrophilic finishing of all fiber fabrics, especially suitable for the washing of towels, white hotel supplies and denim washing processes. Instantly hydrophilic, fluffy and soft, with excellent salt and alkali resistance. This product has excellent compounding properties and can be used as a detergent raw material for hotels and garments. It does not contain banned substances such as APEO and meets environmental protection requirements.

2. Features and advantages:

Fluffy and soft style, the fabric is comfortable and natural after finishing;

Strong cotton feeling and excellent fullness;

 Ultra-low yellowing, so that the whiteness of the finished fabric is good;

Excellent compatibility, can be used alone for diluting, and can also be combined with other softeners (soft film, soft powder, etc.) as detergents, leavening agents, etc.;

 Good bathing property, can be directly too soft in the tank, will not stain the tank wall;

 Water-based: instantaneously colored cloth, light-colored cloth within 3 seconds, medium-dark cloth within 5 seconds, black within 7 seconds;

 Excellent salt and alkali resistance.

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