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Die-cutting silicone foam:how to prevent adhesion

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In our production and processing of die-cutting parts, we often encounter foam die-cutting in the processing process of foam thickness is greater, there will be a variety of problems in the production process, today to introduce to you how to die cutting silicone foam foam stick and avoid uneven thickness.

Today, we take this foam as an example to learn the die-cutting method of this 2.0 thick foam. The structure of this product is analyzed as follows.

As can be seen from the figure, the product has 5 layers of construction. The bottom film is white PET protective film, double-sided tape and foam are the same, for the hollow octagonal shape, the silica gel protective film is square with the ear inside, the silica gel protective film is with viscosity, for the convenience of manual operation, between the ears with a layer of PET protective film.

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