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DMC stable at a high price of 30,000, silicone oil, silica frequently follow up! Latest trend forecast!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week, 107 rubber market cautious wait and see after the offer began to clear, the market mainstream price is more than 31000-31200 yuan/ton. At present, DMC goes up to 30,000, and the cost side is increasingly strong, but it also increases the cost pressure of 107 rubber manufacturers. But the demand side due to the recent continuous high temperature weather and the surge of start-up costs, and then the real estate construction schedule is difficult to follow up with expectations, the demand for silicone glue is reduced. Under the action of many factors such as high cost, shortage of supply and weak demand, some silicone rubber enterprises are forced to reduce the start-up load, and the price is also increased with the cost. However, after buying up the boom faded, the downstream is also more according to their own demand for procurement, negative transaction of high prices, 107 rubber manufacturers high new single transaction is general, the wait-and-see mood does not reduce, the short-term cost leading market high maintenance stability expected to be strong.

Silicone oil market: last week, most of the manufacturers on the silicon oil market have resumed the offer order, the mainstream offer price is about 32,000 yuan/ton. Upstream DMC trend positive, silicone oil cost support is strong, the supply of tight pattern has not been improved. The supply side is good for the market, and the profits of downstream enterprises are compressed under the pressure of high costs, which to some extent inhibits the enthusiasm of downstream procurement. Moreover, manufacturers also resume taking orders after the festival, and the resistance of downstream to high-priced goods gradually shows. Imported silicone oil by foreign companies to reduce the negative supply contraction, the stock is still out of stock continues, the field trade agents reluctant to sell, the willingness to increase. To sum up, the current silicon oil market continues to rise, the industry as a whole low inventory, market spot supply is tight, the downstream purchase stock situation is general, just the main demand. Silicone oil prices are expected to remain on the upside in the near future, but the gains narrowed.

Crack material market: with the new material after the general rise of stability, the price of cracking material last week is basically stable in the rise. Downstream inventory restored rationality, also began to be cautious about high prices, cracking material new order delivery has weakened, but the manufacturer's order schedule is full, the new order is basically postponed to July delivery. Especially in the near future, the safety production inspection in various places, the operating rate of many cracking material manufacturers is affected to a certain extent, and the supply tension is temporarily difficult to ease. After the waste silica gel rose last week, the purchase of cracking material manufacturers was not active. This week, the raw edge quotation of waste silica gel merchants for cracking material factories remained at about 7800-8000 yuan/ton. At present, although the cracking material factory profit is considerable, but the supply of waste silica gel is sufficient, the waste silica gel pull up does not buy it, it is expected that in the short term, the price of waste silica gel is mainly stable, cracking material silicone oil, 107 glue supply is tight, the focus of transaction remains up.


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