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DMC price go down and up again!

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107 silicone rubber market: last week 107 glue market performance maintenance stable operation, DMC fluctuating, let 107 glue firm transaction has repeatedly adjusted. According to some manufacturers, downstream silicone glue demand for 107 glue is not high, most silicone glue enterprises to maintain normal just need to take goods, basic to small single, the market transaction is relatively dull, due to the recent building materials market heating up, high cost, real estate project progress obstacles, silicone glue demand or also cause some impact. At present 107 glue supply slightly loose, the upstream and downstream parties on the market cautious view of the market mentality. In conclusion, the terminal demand did not see a significant increase, most downstream enterprises to maintain normal just need to take goods, order support is limited, 107 glue price stability is more dependent on cost support. It is expected that in the short term, 107 glue market to maintain just need to deal, the price of small adjustment.

Silicone oil market: last week domestic silicone oil mainstream manufacturers offer little change, but the market price is mainly weak, local low. The weak market is still due to the downward market of raw material DMC, which brings negative effects to the market. Most downstream manufacturers turn to a cautious attitude, which leads to the cold transaction of new orders and weak market atmosphere. However, silicon oil manufacturers have received more orders in advance, and export orders are still optimistic. Some silicon oil manufacturers' export orders have been arranged to the middle of June, so inventory pressure will not appear in the short term. In the afternoon, although the domestic new order to clinch a deal, but in costs remain high and volatile situation, silicone oil manufacturer still is given priority to with pretty price, price stability operation risk is bigger, and some outside the enterprise unit load is low, June supply have lower expectations, again the agent's price is sufficient confidence, imported raw materials silicone oil is expected to remain high.


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