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DMC latest quotation 38500yuan, gas silicon up 1000

Views: 1000     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-04      Origin: Site


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A week passed quickly, tomorrow is the weekend, rotary header of DMC is to raise the devil again a day, 38500 individual factory of monomer DMC quotes online today, rose 500, other monomer factory on Tuesday, the three orders, basic rotary header, not even with a partial order, is also a small amount of core customers limited supply, downstream manufacturers only one side, While quietly looking for supplies.  

In the near term, silicon metal is rebounding step by step, which has no impact on the current high profits of DMC, but this continuous rising trend is also worth paying attention to. In addition, downstream demand differentiation, some products appear stagflation phenomenon, bearish is also a lot of people in. At this stage, the market has broken away from the fundamentals of supply and demand, and the main contradiction is the supply limit, which is expected to be tight in the near future.  

From the supply side, raw material methyl trichlorosilane and silicon tetrachloride high price support gas phase white carbon price, 200 table mainstream offer 35,000-40000 yuan/ton, compared with last week up 1000 yuan/ton. At present, the operation rate of gas phase white carbon black plant is basically normal. Some manufacturers receive many orders in the early stage, low inventory, and the delivery of new orders is slightly delayed. At the same time, affected by the atmosphere of the organic silicon market, gas silicon float mentality has also been boosted. In the short term, there is no pressure on the supply side of gas phase silica.  

On the demand side, the downstream enterprises, such as silicone rubber, coating and sealant, have basically resumed normal production in March, and their demand for gas phase silica is relatively stable. At the same time, we also from the recent difficulties faced by the mixed rubber, ordinary rubber profits are suppressed by large manufacturers, prompting some mixed rubber manufacturers to carry out structural adjustment, produce more gas phase glue or plan to switch to liquid glue, good expectations for the demand for gas silicon. On the whole, the supply and demand side of gas and silicon are optimistic, and prices remain stable in the near future.  


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