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DMC high concussion! Silicone rubber giant up another 20%-40%, silicone is stable trend

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Last week two working days, although the time is short, but the uneasy market or revealed quite intriguing information. Take a single factory in Shandong province as an example, during the National Day, its DMC increased by 600 yuan/ton, and last Friday, it took the lead with a high price of 64,200 yuan/ton. However, on Saturday, the offer for additional shifts was suddenly reduced by 1200 yuan/ton, which was the same as the offer for major single units. Now the DMC offer is maintained at 63,000 yuan/ton.

Ultra high level, a trace of a callback signal issued, may discourage downstream stock enthusiasm, but do not panic too much. According to the current supply and demand perspective, the single plant still has a strong stable foundation, it is difficult to turn the market down temporarily. However, this long drought on the rain drop, can also moderate a blow too fanatical speculation atmosphere, the release of some traders in the hands of the spot. On Tuesday, the mainstream large factories also began to receive orders online, and the volume reported in the middle and lower reaches was improved compared with the previous stage, and the difficulty in obtaining a single goods in the market was significantly alleviated. This week, the high probability was stable, and some small adjustments were made.

107 Rubber market: Now the mainstream price of 107 rubber market is 64,000 yuan/ton, and individual DMC monomer factory lowers the price. The sudden price reduction makes many 107 rubber filling more cautious. In addition, once this news comes out, it means that the raw material side has the risk of callback, and some traders are safe for falling bags. The delivery speed of 107 rubber has been improved, and the supply trend has been relaxed in the past two days.

The downstream silicone rubber not only faces the price rise of 107 rubber recently, but also silane coupling agent, silica black, calcium carbonate and other raw materials skyrocketed. As soon as the market opened after the holiday, the silicone rubber giant issued the fifth price increase letter, which increased by 20%-40%. In the short term, for the high price of raw material market, silicone rubber manufacturers digest the pace is slow, but there is still a demand for filling positions after the holiday, in addition, the electronic glue and photovoltaic glue market is still on the upward trend, the overall trading of 107 rubber is ok, and the price mentality is strong!

Silicon oil market: last week, the high level of silicon oil market is firm and willing, and the offer continues to hold high level. Now the price of silicon oil market is 65,000-68,000 yuan/ton. For individual DMC callback, make a lot of strong bullish industry was shaken, also makes some silicone oil manufacturers post-holiday margin is reduced, while individual monomer factory just back to the same as the mainstream monomer factory price, but after all is under the elevated raw material, a trouble, can let the silicone oil manufacturers nerve, and raw material once the callback, Covering too many positions would be debilitating. Therefore, in the case of market changes, most silicone oil manufacturers are more inclined to purchase raw materials cautiously, and accelerate shipment of high-priced orders, while low-priced orders are generally delayed.

In terms of imported material silicone oil, due to the low operation of single units of foreign-funded enterprises, the output is limited, and the external supply of silicone oil decreases again and again. The sources for agents to sell are very limited, and the price increases are large. The quotation generally exceeds 80,000 or more, and the high-end just need to close the deal. In terms of demand, although the power restriction policy is slightly relaxed, the "gold nine silver ten" in the downstream market is not enough, the starting load is still not good, and the acceptance of high raw materials is not high, and the demand side is supported by large factories and export orders. It is expected that the domestic silicone oil offer will change with the trend of DMC, and the firm offer will focus on negotiation.

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