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"Curing Speed" of Ketone Gel

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"Curing Speed" of Ketone Gel


"Cold winter, cold days". This time of year, the curing speed of building sealant is much slower. Here to give you a popular science of the curing mechanism of single component silicone sealant: single component sealant is in the open ventilation conditions, absorb water in the air, from the surface to the inside, gradually curing.


The following introduces the factors that affect the curing speed of building sealant, and reveals the curing process of one component silicone structural sealant.


One of the influencing factors: ambient temperature. Because the curing process of sealant is a chemical reaction process, the temperature of the environment has a great impact on the speed of chemical reaction (curing speed). Whether it is a two-component sealant or a single-component sealant, the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the curing speed will be. In general, when the temperature is lower than 15℃, the curing speed of sealant will have a significant decrease, especially for single component sealant, the time of complete curing at low temperature will be extended a lot. You should also feel the difference between the curing speed of building sealants in summer and winter. But there are two other factors affecting the curing speed of one component sealant!


Influence factor two: environmental humidity. In the curing process of sealant, water molecules play a crucial role in its chemical reaction. For two-component sealant, because it carries water, its curing speed is less affected by changes in environmental humidity; But the higher the environmental humidity, the more can promote its curing efficiency and effect. For a single component sealant, the curing process needs to absorb water in the air, so the higher the humidity in the atmosphere, the faster the curing speed will be; The lower the humidity, the slower the curing rate. Especially in the dry season of autumn and winter, the decrease of environmental humidity will prolong the time of the complete curing of one component sealant!


Three factors: the area of contact between sealant and air. The largest impact of the contact air area is usually a single component sealant, especially when applied to the joint of the non-porous substrate (such as glass, metal and other materials), only one side of the sealant can contact the air, the other three sides of contact (such as glass, aluminum, liner material) is basically airtight. At this time, the greater the area of effective contact between the sealant and the air, the more water it can obtain, the faster the rate of releasing the small molecules produced by the chemical reaction, the faster the curing speed will be.

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