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Cool in May! All the way down 4200! Silicone companies frequently face losses! Can it bounce back in June? Trend analysis

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107 rubber market: Last week, the domestic 107 rubber market continued the decline last week. As of the 29th, the 107 rubber market price was 23000-23500 yuan / ton, down 6.06% within the week. On the supply side: the inventory of 107 rubber in some monomer factories is still high, and the price remains the same as that of DMC, which makes other 107 rubber manufacturers that need to purchase DMC unprofitable, and their production enthusiasm is also suppressed. At present, the transaction of 107 rubber with conventional viscosity is still Mainly based on monomer factories, the trend closely follows the price of DMC. Other low-viscosity 107 rubber factories are basically purchased by order and mainly operate in wet warehouses. However, the rate of decline in May is too fast, and many manufacturers and traders still have to face Shipping at a loss.

From the perspective of demand, the current terminal enterprise stocking is still inclined to just need to maintain production, lack of confidence in the market outlook, and it is rare to buy bottom and build positions. In addition, the downstream market of 107 rubber continues to differentiate, the downstream construction rubber is relatively sluggish, and the construction site is insufficient, and it is still waiting for the stimulus of good news in the property market. Photovoltaic adhesives are currently shipped relatively smoothly. Since they are all dominated by large manufacturers, the change in the supply and demand pattern this year has given them a certain say in the procurement of raw materials. Currently, they are still negotiating with the upstream.

In the short term, 107 rubber has fallen inertialy. The main reason is that the supply exceeds demand, and the untimely high price in the early stage has led to high inventory. The room for decline this week may be narrowed, depending on the transaction price.

Silicone oil market: Last week, the domestic silicone oil market price went down, and the market price was 28,000-30,000 yuan / ton, down 4.13% for the week. Judging from the trend of raw materials this year, although the upstream market has continued to fall, dragging down the trend of silicone oil, but the silicone oil is supported by the high level of silicone ether, and the decline is smaller than other products. With the deepening of the decline at the end of May, silicone oil manufacturers and traders are facing the risk of declining earnings, and they have accelerated their price cuts and shipments, and the decline has gradually approached the raw materials. At the same time, foreign brand silicone oil agents are also facing challenges in shipping. In order to promote the transaction, they have to cut the meat and make profits. At present, the foreign brand silicone oil has been lowered to 31,000-33,000 yuan / ton, a decrease of 5.19%, which is close to the domestic silicone oil price.

On the demand side, there was no obvious improvement last week, and the downstream is expected to have a high probability of continued decline in silicone oil, so the willingness to stock up is not strong, and only needs replenishment to maintain production under low inventory. However, the current DMC has fallen to near the cost line, and there will be an increase in just-needed purchases, and Shanghai will be fully unsealed soon, which is good for export orders.

To sum up, the weak situation of silicone oil has not changed in the short term, both supply and demand sides are cautious, and the pressure on the inventory of silicone oil manufacturers is not large. It is expected that under the guidance of DMC, the silicone oil market will maintain a follow-up adjustment trend.

Cracking material market: Every time the new material falls, the cracking material is upside down, and the loss of shipments also owes favor. The cracking material factory has no choice but to lie down and deal with it. Last week, the meaning decreased slightly. After all From the perspective of profit, cracking material enterprises have no greater confidence to carry out a substantial price reduction operation. At present, the price of cracking material DMC is 22500~23000 yuan / ton (excluding tax), which is nearly 2000 yuan / ton upside down with the new material. It can be seen that the shipment volume is negligible, the production of cracking material plants has also become open and stopped, and the procurement of waste silica gel is general. Therefore, even if the price of waste silica gel recyclers for burrs drops to 9,000~9,300 yuan / ton, cracking material companies will also Still indifferent, the majority of purchases are made on demand, and the market transaction atmosphere is sluggish. In the short term, in order to survive in the future, cracking material enterprises should either upgrade their products or continue to reduce production.

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