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Classification and application of agricultural additives

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1. According to the direction of use:

   Industrial applications: used as additives for pesticide processing to make them stable products

   Tank mixing additives: additives to improve the spread and permeability of pesticide formulations

2. Divided into three categories according to functions (as tank mixing additives):

    1. Improve the display performance of pesticides;

    2. Improve pesticide penetration;

    3. Improve water quality

3. Divided according to ingredients

1. Silicone: good spreadability, can prolong the effect, but too good spreadability may cause too little dose per unit area to reduce the effect of pesticides; it is easy to damage the structure and produce oily ions during transportation, thereby blocking Capillary pores, causing phytotoxicity, thickening of leaves, affecting light and effect, causing fallen leaves

2. Azone: organic solvent

3. Anion: good permeability and dispersion, but not resistant to rain washing

4. Non-ionic: strong adhesion, good emulsification and spreadability, but poor permeability

5. Chelating dispersant: chelating calcium and magnesium ions in water, hard water becomes soft, close to neutral

6. Vegetable oil, mineral oil

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