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China tetrachloride silicon industry status quo analysis

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In 2020, China's production capacity of silicon tetraclorchloride (STC) was 326,400 tons/year, and the output was about 215,500 tons, an increase of 5.89% year on year. The overall operating rate was 66.03%.Among them, the by-product of polysilicon is XX million tons, the by-product of trichlorosilicon is XX million tons, and XX million tons from direct production.In 2020, the price of silicon tetracloride in China fluctuated greatly. On the one hand, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, the operation rate of enterprises was low, which led to the reduction of production during the period.On the other hand, the polysilicon market in the second half of the year is hot, by-product silicon tetracloride is more, supply is sufficient, during the price has decreased.In 2021, the domestic polysilicon industry will continue to have a good momentum, but the rise in the price of silicon material has a strong support for the price of silicon tetracloride.At the same time, the downstream gas phase white carbon black and silane crosslinking agent are expected to increase, and the demand for silicon tetracloride will increase.Under the influence of multiple upstream and downstream factors, the price of silicon tetracloride is expected to fluctuate at a high level in 2021.In the long run, due to the downstream gas phase silica, functional silane, optical fiber prefabricated rod market expansion plans are more, the future supply of silicon tetracloride is still expected to be tight, the price will rise again.

n 2020, China's MTCS production capacity is 232,900 tons/year, the output is XX tons, and the overall operating rate is XX%.Due to the impact of the epidemic, downstream demand decreased and prices remained low. In December, raw material prices rose, downstream demand increased and prices rebounded.In the next five years, the production growth rate of upstream organic silicon and downstream gas phase silica will be more than 10%, and the MTCS price will be less affected except for the production shutdown of some large enterprises.MTCS prices in China are expected to remain low in the future.

Generally, MTCS and STC have the same price trend because of their high downstream convergence and the state of supply often exceeds demand before 2018.However, after 2018, MTCS and STC prices appeared obvious differentiation, the main reason is that polysilicon by the "5.31" photovoltaic New Deal hit start to reduce, so that THE SUPPLY of STC tighter.After the "carbon neutral" and "carbon peak" policies were put forward, domestic polysilicon plants have expanded capacity and increased operating rate, and it is expected that the future STC supply tension will be eased.

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