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Can organosilicon reverse in August? Trend forecast

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107 silicone rubber market: In July DMC offer high stable, domestic 107 rubber cost surface support is strong. The downstream demand in the traditional off-season, the terminal infrastructure industry started slow progress, cost transfer difficulty increased, silicone rubber factory new orders are limited, the demand gradually weakened, more resistance to high prices of the mentality, to MS glue enterprises again. 107 poor glue trading, operator for afternoon to fall mood, because of the domestic high shipment is not easy, now the overall import materials are awkward situation, although short-term cover no supply of goods to the port, but the downstream procurement in the current market environment, and the price is import source will lower, and traders in inventory limited cases, on the basis of many brand changes the preference of our offer. On the whole, the current inventory pressure of manufacturers and cargo holders is small, and they accept orders with a stable price mentality. The downstream enterprises generally slow down the purchasing pace and mainly buy with use. It is predicted that in the short term 107 glue market may maintain stable operation.

Silicone oil market: market last week silicone oil with the cost of raw materials supply of DMC continued tight, silicone oil manufacturers have limited production, inventory is low, and domestic downstream silicone rubber, textile, daily chemical and other industries is still in the traditional off-season, weak demand fundamentals also weakened under the conditions of upstream and downstream game, now the industry mentality, the downstream operation enthusiasm is not high. However, at the end of the month, some downstream large customers generally have adequate stock, and foreign trade orders are still considerable. According to our understanding, some silicone oil manufacturers still arrange orders until mid-late August. Because the price of imported silicone oil is too high, the transaction is general, some traders have a small profit adjustment, but compared with the domestic price of silicone oil is still generally high. Overall, there is no pressure on the inventories of silicone oil manufacturers, and the domestic downstream demand is still difficult to expand. However, under the support of costs and export orders, the silicone oil market is expected to be multi-dimensional stable in early August.

Cracking material market: in July, cracking material market maintained high profit status, due to the large price difference with new material, smooth shipment. At the end of July, after a small increase of waste silica gel driven by some cracking material manufacturers, the quotation of waste silica gel is stable this week, and the waste silica gel recycler now keeps the quotation of cracking material factory at 8000-8200 yuan/ton. However, the pyrolysis material factory has more raw stock, and the procurement image is general. In the short term, after the stop of the pyrolysis material factory, the waste silica gel may be reduced. At present, the downstream is very difficult, negative procurement, some cracking factory new single transaction has been reduced, because of considerable profits, for the transaction has appropriate profit, but as long as the new material price is stable, cracking material profit space is also small, high probability to remain unchanged. In August, the environmental inspection team will be stationed in Guangdong, Hubei, need to pay close attention to the cracking material factory.

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