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Can Finishing Process Reduce Pull Marks?

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During the operation of the setting machine, the main technological processes are: rolling car, upper overfeeding, lower overfeeding, main chain, brush, cloth discharge and cloth drop, etc.

In fact, to distinguish simply, the main process of the stenter setting machine can be divided into two processes: stenter and setting, specifically:

First of all, the main process of the setting machine, the so-called tentering process, actually mainly refers to the application of a certain tension to the weft direction of the fabric, so as to remove the fabric edge caused by the force during the pretreatment and dyeing process. Disadvantages such as uniformity, skewed weft and unequal width. In other words, after the process is processed, the surface quality of the fabric will be significantly improved.

The second is the shaping process. To be more specific, it is to first set a suitable tension for the stenter setting machine, and then process the fabric. First heat it to a certain temperature and then keep it for a certain period of time. In this way, the fiber molecular chain will be readjusted in the new position. After that, it is cooled at an appropriate speed to fix the heat-changing state of the fabric.

In general, after the setting process of the stenter setting machine, the wrinkles contained on the fabric can be removed, and at the same time, new wrinkles can be prevented from appearing again. In other words, after treatment, the surface quality of the fabric can be significantly improved to make it look more beautiful.

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