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Brief introduction of several finishing processes

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Brief introduction of several finishing processes:

①Water splashing and setting make the fabric waterproof and dustproof;

②Soft setting makes the fabric feel soft and smooth, but pay attention to whether the fabric will slip. Water splashing and soft setting can be done at the same time to make the fabric both waterproof and soft, but the softener will affect the water splash.

③Resin styling is mainly used to fix the yarn and make the hand feel stiff. Some resins contain formaldehyde, so please pay attention to the selection; water repellent and resin styling can be done at the same time, and the resin can promote the water repellent.

④ The flame retardant setting has an auxiliary effect on the flame retardant function of the fabric. The flame retardant can also be used for water repellent setting at the same time, but special attention should be paid to the selection of water repellent, otherwise it will have too much influence on the flame retardant effect.

⑤The antistatic setting makes the fabric have antistatic function, which can be done at the same time as the water spraying setting, but it will affect the water spraying effect.

⑥ Moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking stereotypes allow the fabric to quickly absorb sweat, making sportswear more comfortable. It cannot be done at the same time as splashing water.

⑦Deodorant processing is mainly to make the fabric have antibacterial function, which is mainly used in medical facilities.

⑧Super water-splashing setting (also called Teflon treatment): It has better waterproof and dustproof effect than ordinary water-spraying setting, and it also has oil-proof function.

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