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Australian cotton industry upset with China's export shift

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Cotton Australia and Australian Cotton Shippers Association, have announced that Australian cotton industry is working to understand apparent changes for cotton export conditions to China. It has become clear to the industry that National Development Reform Commission in China has been discouraging their spinning mills using Australian cotton.

“Our industry is working with the Australian Government, including the trade and agriculture ministers’ offices, to investigate the situation and fully understand what is going on,” Adam Kay, CEO at Cotton Australia and Michael O’Rielley, chair at Australian Cotton Shippers Association, gave joint statement in a press release. “The Australian cotton industry has earned a reputation as a reliable international supplier of cotton with fast shipping times to export destinations and reliable delivery. Our crop is in strong demand internationally and can attract a price premium due to its high quality, excellent sustainability credentials, reliability and a proven track record in meeting manufacturer and consumer needs, including in China.”

“Our industry’s relationship with China is of importance to us and is a relationship we have long valued and respected. To now learn of these changes for Australian cotton exports to China is disappointing, particularly after we have enjoyed such a mutually beneficial relationship with the country over many years. Despite these changes to our industry’s export conditions, we know Australian cotton will find a home in the international market,” the joint statement said.

The Australian cotton industry has long enjoyed positive relationships with the many other countries it exports to, and the industry looks forward to continuing and developing those other relationships further. 

“The Australian cotton industry will continue having meaningful conversations with stakeholders to fully understand this situation, and we will continue working with the Australian government to respectfully and meaningfully engage with China to find a resolution,” statement said in the release.

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