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Application of surfactants in agriculture

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(1) Application in pesticides

In the pesticide industry, wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates and concentrated emulsions all require a certain amount of surfactants. For example, the original medicines in wettable powders are mostly organic compounds, which are hydrophobic. Only in the presence of surfactants can the surface of the water be reduced. Tension, it is possible for the medicine granules to be wetted by water to form an aqueous suspension; and some of the granules and powders for spraying also contain a certain amount of surfactant, the purpose is to improve the The surface adhesion and the amount of deposition can increase the release speed and expansion area of the active ingredients under moisture conditions, and enhance the disease prevention and treatment effects.


(2) Application in aerobic composting of agricultural waste

A large number of studies have shown that the addition of chemical surfactants can promote the biodegradation of cellulose materials. The introduction of biosurfactants in the compost can promote the degradation of refractory substances such as cellulose. At the same time, the biosurfactants are not preferentially degraded in the system, and there is no risk of premature degradation by microorganisms, but they can still be degraded in the end. It is degraded by microorganisms, so the compost introduced with biosurfactant does not require subsequent treatment, and there is no safety hazard in returning the product to the field.


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