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Application of silicone resin in cosmetics

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1.Colour makeup system

MQ silicone resin has excellent film forming, hydrophobicity and moisturizing property, long lasting film forming, washable, especially suitable for eye makeup, lip gloss, non-staining cup red, foundation and other formula systems, the finished product color uniform, stable system, not easy to fade, no skin irritation phenomenon;Silicone resin containing phenyl, with higher refractive index, used for hair washing and care formula system, give hair a more shiny luster


2.Skin care system

Silicone resin does not irritate the skin, can form a lubricating and breathable film, not easy to fade, long-term effect, improve the hydrophobicity and spread of the formula system, is an important functional component of BB cream, isolation cream and other skin care products.


3.Hair care system

Carding is an important index to test the effect of hair care products, liquid amino phenyl silicone resin can be effectively adsorbed on the surface of hair, forming a smooth, soft hydrophobic oil film.Used in hair care formula system, can reduce the friction between dry and wet hair and comb, improve the combing, so that the hair smooth, easy to comb.

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