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Application of silicone foaming materials in new energy vehicles

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Organic silicon material is contained in the main chain of "silicon - oxygen - silicon" structure, side chain containing a small amount of organic groups, so it it possesses the advantages of the organic and inorganic materials, high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance and weather resistance (double bond, not easily by uv and ozone decomposition), hydrophobic, physiological inert, oil resistance, solvent resistance and other properties, which is compared with other materials.

Organic silicone rubber foaming material (also known as: silicone foam/foaming silica gel) is silicone rubber raw rubber, filler, vulcanizing agent, foaming agent, etc., as raw material, mixing uniform, at high temperature foaming vulcanization preparation of a porous, low density, compressible polymer elastomer material. Nowadays, silicone rubber foam is used more and more widely, because it has the excellent performance of silicone rubber and foam material. It not only has the high elasticity of rubber, but also has the performance of sound absorption, shock absorption and other foams. It is widely used in shock absorption pad, gasket, sound insulation material, insulation material, aviation heat insulation material and other materials with high performance requirements.

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