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Application of saponified oil defoaming agent in metal cleaning

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Among the metal lubricants, there are mainly two kinds of emulsified oil and saponified oil. The emulsified oil is mainly used in the hydraulic support of fully mechanized mining face.Black for metal processing, and can improve the cutting tool durability and cutting efficiency.Saponification liquid is in the machining process of metal materials (such as: car, planer, drilling, milling, grinding) used for cooling, lubrication, cleaning, antirust effect of machining additives, to reduce the turning tool, drill and other tools wear, ensure the processing accuracy of the workpiece, prolong the rust period of the workpiece plays a certain auxiliary role.

Saponified oil defoaming agent using a special silicone grease system, with a specially designed emulsifying system research and development.The new silicone grease system provides excellent balance of anti-foaming properties.The special emulsifying system ensures the compatibility, dilution stability and excellent shear stability of the system.Ideal for foam control in metal cutting fluid systems.Desirable foam control can be achieved in very small amounts. This saponified oil defoamer is particularly suitable for applications such as fully synthetic cutting fluids and emulsion cutting fluids.

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