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Application of Polyurethane in Textile Finishing

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Polyurethane is widely used in textile finishing and has significant functional and decorative properties. It is mainly used to improve the wear resistance, wrinkle resistance and elasticity of fabrics, making textiles more durable and comfortable. Polyurethane coating also gives the fabric waterproof, oil-proof, breathable and other properties, and is widely used in outdoor sportswear, work clothes and rain gear. In addition, polyurethane's soft touch and excellent adhesion make it popular in fields such as imitation leather products and home decoration fabrics.

1. Soft and anti-wrinkle finishing agent

Water-dispersed polyurethane does not contain formaldehyde, and has good film forming and flexible and elastic properties, so it can completely or partially replace amino resin as an anti-wrinkle finishing agent or soft additive for fabrics. If the cotton fabric or polyester cotton blended fabric is soaked in the diluent of 2-5% concentration of water-dispersed polyurethane, and cured at 126℃, the softness and wrinkle resistance of the fabric can be improved. In addition, using a mixture of two different types of water-based dispersible polyurethanes to impregnate the robed cotton blend fabric, it can simultaneously obtain softness, wrinkle resistance and water repellency.


2. Waterproof breathable finishing agent

Polyurethane can be used as a waterproof and steam permeable coating of fabric, so that the fabric has a waterproof and breathable function. For example, the dimethylformamide solution of polyurethane can be coated on the fabric, and then immersed in water, and the mutual substitution of dimethylformamide and water can form a waterproof and permeable porous film on the fabric, and the above functions are obtained, but at present, the use of water-dispersed polyurethane has been tended to. It can not only achieve the above functions, but also has the advantages of non-toxic, low cost and high yield.


3. Fabric linen finishing agent

Compared with the general linen finish, one of the characteristics of the water-dissipating reactive polyurethane linen finish agent is strong washing resistance, because of its low molecular weight, strong permeability to the fabric, and can react with the fiber and its own cross-linking film, especially with natural polysaccharides as raw materials, the water dispersion polyurethane prepared can not only improve the water absorption of the finished fabric, but also will not cause dye fading. Therefore, it is a class of high-grade imitation linen finishing agent.


polyurethane in textile finishing

4. Antistatic and hydrophilic finishing agent

Such as W-N in the Ehstron series above. It can be used as a durable antistatic and hydrophilic finishing agent for fabrics. The polyester Paris fabric finished by W-11 does not maintain high antistatic and hydrophilic properties after 10 times of washing.


5. Anti-wrinkle finishing agent for wool

For example, an active water-dispersed polyurethane produced by Bayer, Germany, if mixed with polyethylenimine, and under the action of non-ionic agglutination, wool and its blends can get higher shrinkage resistance. In addition, the water-dispersed polyurethane of E1astronBAP can be used not only in the anti-shrinkage processing of wool, but also in the anti-felting and anti-pilling finishing of wool fabrics.


6. Press-free finishing agent

If hydroxyethyl lignosulfonate (HE1S) reacts with aromatic isocyanate, lignin polyurethane can be prepared, and the non-ironing property of cotton fabric can be improved by treating cotton fabric with it.


7. Water-repellent oil-repellent finishing agent

If the mixture of oxy-polyurethane emulsion and cyanoacrylate polymer emulsion is used as finishing agent to treat the fabric, the fabric can have the effect of resisting water and oil.

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