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Analysis of Agricultural Silicone Market

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The corresponding advantages of silicone additives determine that it has great development prospects in China, especially when used in fruit areas, rice areas, vegetable areas and other bulk crops. It has great development prospects for preventing diseases, insects and weeds. .

1. Agricultural organic silicon can effectively solve the problem of pesticide residues in vegetable and fruit areas:

At present, a major obstacle facing my country's fruit and vegetable export trade is the problem of pesticide residues. In our country, due to factors such as education level and traditional use habits, farmers tend to spray pesticides with high concentration and high spray volume, and the residual problem is more prominent. The lost pesticide will also damage the surrounding soil environment and groundwater environment, forming a vicious circle. However, the international inspection standards for pesticide residues are constantly improving, especially in some developed countries such as the United States and Japan, which pay great attention to food safety issues. Therefore, reducing pesticide residues has become an urgent problem to be solved. my country's southeast coast, Jiaozhou Peninsula and other important vegetable and fruit producing areas have a great demand for such products. The application of silicone additives can promote the rational use of pesticides, reduce pesticide residues, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.

2. Save water and reduce labor intensity:

Tests have shown that organic silicon agricultural spray additives can help save up to 70% of water. If they can be effectively promoted, they will undoubtedly alleviate my country's increasingly tight water resources. Compared with traditional additives, organic silicon agricultural spray additives have a good penetration effect, and a small amount of spray can achieve the desired effect, thereby saving costs and reducing the workload of farmers, especially in the vast arid areas of northern China , The application prospect is broad.

3. It has a certain synergistic effect and can effectively reduce the amount of pesticides:

FAIRLAND agricultural silicone spray additive is a kind of organic silicon additive, which is widely used in pesticides. It does not decompose the original drug, has ultra-low surface tension and super expansion ability (the expansion ability is more than 9 times that of pure water ), which can well enhance the penetration and coverage of the medicinal liquid on the surface of plants and insects, thereby improving the efficacy of the medicine; in addition, it can also enhance the ability of the medicine to resist rain erosion, thus correspondingly reducing the amount of pesticides. It has a good effect when certain pests break out.

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