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Agricultural surfactant market

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Pesticide formulation processing is a key component of the pesticide industry and one of the important research directions in the field of pesticide science, which enables the original drug to obtain a longer shelf life and higher biological activity through the excipient of the original drug. Pesticide adjuvant is the general term for various auxiliary materials used in the process and application of pesticide formulations. Although it is a kind of adjuvant, the pesticide adjuvant itself generally has no biological activity, but it is an indispensable and powerful additive in the formulation of the dosage form or when using the medicine. Through the processing of pesticide preparations, a small amount of pesticides can be evenly distributed in the farmland to maximize the effect of pesticides; it can overcome the shortcomings of pesticides and improve the safety of users; reduce the pressure on the environment, adjust the operating performance, and improve The effectiveness of existing pesticides, pesticide adjuvants can not only enhance the physical stability of the formulation, make the diffusion and penetration of the active ingredients on the target more favorable, help enhance the medicinal effect, prolong the action time of the pesticide, and improve the Utilization rate.

Pesticide products are composed of original drugs and adjuvants. The content of pesticide adjuvants accounts for 1% to 90% of pesticide products. In our country, it is customary to divide pesticide additives into surfactants and non-surfactants. In recent years, there have been a wide variety of pesticide adjuvants in my country, including more than 4,000. The market demand for pesticide additives is about 450,000 tons. Among them, the market demand for pesticide surfactants is as high as 60,000 tons.

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