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Advantages of using liquid vulcanized dyes for denim dyeing and finishing

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For more than a century, indigo has been the primary dye used to produce standard blue denim.  The successful combination of self-curing dyes and indigo sets creates new dyeing effects and greatly increases the market demand for powder-curing dyes. However, the large amount of dust, pungent odor and high COD and BOD industrial wastewater generated during the dyeing and finishing process have always troubled users and been restricted by environmental protection organizations.

Liquid sulfur dyes are pre-reduced colorless solutions of sulfur dyes.

As a liquid commercial dye, it should generally meet the following requirements, namely stability, no condensation or precipitation should occur during long-term storage, it can be poured or pumped, the concentration should be as high as possible, free of organic solvents as much as possible, easy to mix, and Similar dyes have better miscibility and compatibility.  Liquid sulfur dyes basically meet the above conditions.

Therefore, in the dyeing process of denim, sulfur dyes (especially liquid sulfur dyes) have become one of the mainstream choices due to their unique chemical properties and ease of operation. The use of liquid sulfur dyes for denim dyeing and finishing offers several significant advantages.

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Environmentally friendly liquid vulcanized black dyes have the following advantages over powdered dyes:

1. Chemical material is simple, eliminate dust flying, improve the working environment, reduce dust pollution, air pollution and water pollution.

2. The production process is dissolved, filtered and purified, so less impurities, pure feed, uniform quality, darker than ordinary powder vulcanization dye dyeing and pure color light, very suitable for continuous dyeing.

3. Low affinity, easy penetration, good core penetration, for heavy fabric dyeing can also get more uniform dyeing effect, dyeing performance is stable, simple process, good quality.

4. Stable quality, small batch difference, can dye stable quality products.

5. It has been specially pre-reduced and can be used directly after heating.

6. Low COD/BOD, reduce water pollution.

The use of liquid sulfur dyes for denim dyeing and finishing is gradually becoming the preferred solution in the fabric industry. With the continuous advancement of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the application prospects of liquid sulfur dyes will be broader, pushing the denim dyeing and finishing industry to develop in a more sustainable and efficient direction. If you are interested in liquid sulfur dyes, welcome to visit our website to read more related content. Sylic provides you with a diverse selection of textile auxiliaries.

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