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Adhesives usher in a new round of development opportunities

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In 2021, China established the national strategic goal of "carbon neutral and carbon peak". The main battlefield of the "double carbon" strategy is the energy field, so the proportion of clean energy such as wind and solar energy in the energy system will increase year by year. At present, wind and photovoltaic power generation in China accounts for only 11% of the total social electricity consumption. By 2025, non-fossil energy consumption should account for about 20% of primary energy consumption. Technological progress in adhesive and adhesive tape industry will effectively guarantee the rapid growth of photovoltaic and wind power industries and help the country achieve the "dual carbon" target.

In this context, the demand for high-end adhesive such as battery, photovoltaic, wind power and new energy vehicles will continue to release, and the adhesive industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities. This forum will focus on the application and development trend of adhesive products in the new energy industry, inviting professionals to gather together and discuss development.

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