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Acid silicone sealant (2)

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6. After curing, the rubber strip will turn white or yellow, why?

White: glass glue white is mainly sealant filler added too much; If the occasional whitening occurs, most of the time it occurs in some projects where the rubber layer is too thin, so it is recommended to increase the thickness of the glass glue properly when sizing (1.5-3mm) to avoid similar situations.

Yellow: in more cases, yellow strip is caused by the influence of other contact materials with glass glue, the most common is to hit the glass glue in some black rubber strip (embedded in the sealing between glass and aluminum), because of the poor quality of some rubber strip, contact with glass glue to make it yellow, even imported glue is no exception. In general, the rubber strip makes the glass glue change color, and the analysis reason may be the material used in the rubber strip. Specifically, the filler reacts with the acid glue to make the transparent glue change color; It is not excluded that the rubber strip can be added to precipitate or volatile substances, pollution of the glass strip.

7. Why will the glass glue on the paper will appear some sticky paper, some non-sticky paper?

Glass glue is not used to stick paper, so stick paper and non-stick paper will not affect the actual use; But stick not stick paper and paper and glass glue some characteristics. First of all, the material and texture of the paper have a great impact on the adhesive paper, such as the paper fiber is loose, the glass glue is easy to wet the paper, and the adhesive paper; Secondly, glass glue also has an effect, preliminary analysis and curing speed has a certain relationship, such as low grade glue curing slow, easy to stick paper.

8. Why does the cured hyalonic acid strip turn white after stretching?

Because many sour gels add solid fillers to increase strength, the solid fillers appear white after stretching, so they look white.

9. Why is the deep curing of glass glue slow?

Deep curing has a great relationship with the use of the environment, in general, in the environment of low temperature and high humidity glass adhesive curing is slower; In addition, curing in a poorly ventilated environment is also slow; There is a large difference in the curing speed of different grades of glass glue, low grade glue curing speed is significantly different from that of high-grade glue, in the low ambient temperature this difference is especially obvious, so it is recommended that low grade glue should not be used near the lower limit temperature (5℃) as far as possible.

10. Why does the glass glue shrink after curing?

All sealants will shrink after curing, but high-grade and low-grade adhesives in the shrinkage rate is very different. For example: high-grade glue only shrinks 5% after curing, low-grade glue may shrink in 30% or more, this is because low-grade glue adds filler, and filler will slowly volatilize in the air, so the more the filler shrinkage rate is greater.

11. Is there a small amount of oil separation at the mouth of the bottle?

This is the norm in long-term storage, generally stored in more than 3 months, but the probability of practice appear this kind of circumstance is not very high, because the glass glue oil separation is under the condition of long standing occurs, glue and pens because sales are often in sports, such as transportation, loading and unloading, sorting warehouse, etc., equivalent to stir constantly, So more time will not appear stratification phenomenon. The reason for the separation of a small amount of oil is that the product is composed of liquid raw materials and solid raw materials. Due to the different proportion of each, there will be a sinking phenomenon in the case of long-term standing, but because this process is very slow, so it does not affect the use and product performance.

12. Why some glass surface dry too fast, no dressing time?

This is related to the construction temperature and operation. It is recommended that the construction avoid high temperature weather and increase the number of edging. If the original rubber seam of 2 meters is repaired, the edging can be repaired after the rubber seam of 1 meter, which can reduce the adverse effects caused by the drying of the table too fast.

13. When the rubber strip hits the paper, there is oil seepage. Why?

First of all, different paper due to its texture, materials and other factors, such as some paper fiber is loose, so the filler added in the low grade glue will penetrate into the pores, oil seepage phenomenon; But after experimental observation, this situation will not appear in actual use, that is, there will be no oil seepage phenomenon on aluminum and glass, and will not affect the adhesion, strength and other properties.

14. High grade glue is more non-stick aluminum, why?

Because its curing speed is too fast, the glue does not completely infiltrate the surface of aluminum, that is, it cannot penetrate into the micropores on the surface of the base material without sticking. This phenomenon does not affect the normal use of glass glue. High-grade glass glue mainly has two uses, one is a big glass curtain wall or point curtain wall, glass glue is used here only contact glass, not contact with other materials, so it does not stick to aluminum; 2 it is used in aluminum alloy doors and Windows, caulking, glass glue to fill the glass with joint between aluminum alloy, although glass glue with aluminum alloy bond is not good, but because of good glass glue, will not fall off, as the use of gap filling sealing don't load (i.e., don't force), so as long as can stick on the aluminium alloy can play a role of sealing.

15. Crystallinity in sour glue?

This phenomenon only occasionally occurs, mainly caused by the storage temperature is too low, because many of the additives added in the acid glue system have high freezing point, although the additives have been integrated into the glue, but in a long time at low temperature will still turn into crystals and precipitation, so the storage temperature is not too low.

16. Sour glue turns red?

This phenomenon only occurs occasionally, mainly caused by the instability of raw materials, so it is necessary to control the inspection of raw materials.

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