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A serious imbalance between supply and demand! Silicone rally skyrocketed!

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Silicone oil market: last week, the domestic silicone oil market continued to rise, sealing the phenomenon of not reported is also increasing. At present, high cost is still the main reason to promote the price increase of silicone oil. From the point of view of the supply side, DMC is hard to find. Silicon oil manufacturers can only get a small amount of supplies by bidding and grabbing orders. As a result, the silicone oil market is generally in a tight situation of raw materials.

From the demand side, the domestic downstream of the first half of the week "to buy or not to buy up" emotional domination, floor trading atmosphere is strong, and in the second half of the week, see stop rally in the court more wait-and-see mood, downstream willingness to accept high silicon oil co., LTD., a stalemate, the market at present and the foreign demand has yet to see down trend, some factory silicone oil export orders have to the mid to late September.

In the situation of scarce supply of domestic silicone oil, foreign brand silicone oil in the last week also showed different degrees of rise, up 500-1000 yuan/ton. Overall, it is expected that this week under the support of good cost end, silicone oil market still has some room to rise.

Cracking material market: last week new material market crazy pull up, and closed concentration, cracking material market is also up, because of the early orders more, new material and rise too fast, cracking material factory generally withheld to sell, waiting for the price to sell. Operation rate: Jiangsu area due to public health events, some manufacturers started to be affected, Hubei, Guangdong area is currently stable, this year a lot of new cracking material manufacturers in the second half of the production. Therefore recent waste silicone market rally, on the one hand, soaring raw materials, silicone products factory low price rised, on the other hand, as new capacity increasing, the waste silicone recyclers shipments, taking the advantage of organic silicon in also want to earn a wave of high profits, reluctant sellers more high, this week the waste silicone recyclers are cracking LiaoChang offer up to 9500-10000 yuan/ton. Cracking materials factory in the collective sale of waste silica gel, also had to buy at a high price, but cracking materials are also rising, the current profit is still considerable.

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