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A large number of textile orders turn to China

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We know that many textile orders are transferred from India to China, and the surge in orders may cause insufficient supply of raw materials, leading to an increase in raw materials. Recently, the prices of raw materials have increased greatly, and the prices of cotton yarn, viscose and Tencel have all increased in varying degrees. Most factories are okay to receive orders, but orders can only be maintained for a short period of time. It is not obvious whether the follow-up efforts will be made. There are many small-volume orders, and the delivery time is stretched. In the recent market, due to the increase in raw materials and the surge in orders, the price of cotton yarn has risen sharply. Popular varieties have been hard to find, and the impact of the price of grey fabrics is also immediately reflected. Because the inventory in the early stage is not large, the grey fabrics are currently out of stock and waiting in line. This phenomenon, and the price is still rising all the way, the quotation can only guarantee the price of the day, the order volume of dyeing factories has increased slightly, and the overall market is improving. After the National Day holiday, affected by the rise in cotton, yarn prices in downstream spinning mills continued to rise, and factories were filled with orders. Some factories are currently suspending their order quotations. Preliminary inquiry orders for grey fabrics have recently begun to place orders one after another, and the overall market is relatively busy.

As soon as the National Day came back, the entire textile circle was in a mess. All raw materials such as cotton and cotton yarn in the upstream are rising rapidly, and the price is one per day. Due to the rapid increase in the price of textile raw materials, a large number of traders adopt the strategy of "high quotation and low transaction", not selling, waiting for the price, or even choosing to break the contract; under the expectation of RMB appreciation, imported yarn is also in the "closed" Disk” status. In order to ensure production and delivery, a "cloth grabbing tide" has also begun in the textile industry.

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