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2020 Interdye

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The 20th China International Dyestuff Industry, Organic Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition will be unveiled at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on November 8-10.

A sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has put the entire industry through a very severe test. As the "wind vane" of the global dyeing and chemical industry, the China International Dyestuff Exhibition leads the industry in response to the impact of the epidemic with innovation, injects new vitality into the development of the industry, and opens up new opportunities. In addition to online display, the online platform of Dyestuff Expo also uses business functions such as trade negotiations, online inquiries, and business card exchanges to establish contacts with buyers at home and abroad, and parallel online and offline to achieve a closed loop from meeting production and demand to completion of the transaction, and continue to help The chemical industry has broken the impact of the epidemic. 

The dyeing and chemical industry attaches great importance to green development, and actively promotes related work focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, and comprehensive utilization of resources. The exhibition closely follows the development of the industry. Well-known domestic and foreign companies including A Tongda, etc., mainly promote green and environmentally friendly printing and dyeing new products and new application technologies; the Indian Pavilion and others continue to join in the form of cloud exhibitions, hand in hand to help the development of the printing and dyeing industry.

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