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107 silicone rubber price go up

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-11      Origin: Site


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Last week 107 glue market high consolidation, mainly stable prices. With the DMC rally suspended, the market offer is gradually clear, 107 rubber also entered the stage of digestion consolidation. Early raw materials rise rapidly, but the rise to the downstream conduction is ok, silicone rubber mainstream factory price adjustment, and see the price increase letter released in early December, but some of the circulation of rubber mainly small rubber factory, cost is difficult to transfer, some manufacturers simply cut production directly to sell raw materials. At present, the stock of 107 rubber in the single plant is low, some manufacturers are too tight due to maintenance supply, most of the orders until the end of December, manufacturers have a strong price-fixing power, in the short term, 107 rubber price will continue to operate mainly in high consolidation.

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