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Why use agricultural defoamers

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Fertilizer defoamers in agricultural defoamers can solve the three major problems of fertilizer foam:

1. Quickly eliminate the foam produced in the fertilizer to avoid the air mixed in the foam from reducing the effect of the product after the foam is broken;

2. Defoaming can be carried out under the action of a small amount of defoaming agent, and the dilution of the product will not increase due to the addition of defoaming agent, but it can eliminate the foam and improve the uniformity of the product;

3. Foam has a certain degree of interference effect on the product when it is used, so the performance of the liquid fertilizer fermentation defoamer is developed into a defoamer that does not affect the chemical molecules in the finished product, and quickly eliminates large and small bubbles .

Because some chemical fertilizers have strong acid-base properties, the chemical molecules of defoamers will not be affected by them, and they have strong acid-base resistance. The generation of foam not only affects the quality of the product, but also affects the filling capacity of the product. The self-cleaning ability of the foam is there, but it is not strong. The foam may be automatically eliminated after a long time.

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