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Why must the additives be added to the processing fluid after being dissolved and diluted

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Due to the different proportions of raw materials, the solubility of compound additives is different. In commercial additives, the composition of the upper and lower layers is often not exactly the same, which affects the effect. After a long storage time or when the weather is cold, the solubility changes and forms turbidity. Even stratification, as long as it is not an emulsion, this phenomenon is still allowed, but when weighing the material before use, the operator must be strictly required to stir evenly, and then weigh the material, if it is an emulsion, turbidity and stratification are not allowed appear. This shows that the emulsion has been demulsified and cannot be used anymore, or it must be re-emulsified after rapid stirring. It can be used only when it is proved to be usable by the high-speed centrifugal separation test. It must not be used by manual stirring.


The solid additives should be dissolved in hot water and used thoroughly. The liquid additives must be diluted with warm water before use. The additives with high viscosity must be gradually diluted with water while stirring. The additives that are prone to mildew, such as soft fat The upper layer can be skimmed off as long as it is not thinned and there are not many mildew spots. The following additives can also be used. If they become thinner, they will be returned.


The dissolved and diluted auxiliary agent should be added to the treatment bath according to the process requirements. Generally, it is added to the treatment solution before the fabric enters the treatment bath. After the solution is circulated to make it uniform, it is introduced into the fabric. If it is a leveling agent, Before adding the dye solution, the fabric is run in the leveling agent for a few minutes before adding the dye solution.

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