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Why do high - grade waterborne coatings use waterborne polyurethane resin?

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Most waterborne coatings are made of waterborne polyurethane resin.Some customers consider the combination of acrylic resin and polyurethane resin in order to reduce costs.Waterborne polyurethane with high performance, high environmental protection, through a variety of modification in order to achieve the changing coating market.

Application of waterborne polyurethane coatings

Waterborne polyurethane has the characteristics of high property, low VOC content, high gloss and high hardness.So the waterborne polyurethane coating has a broad application prospect.The waterborne polyurethane resin products with short coating drying time, good appearance and good solvent resistance occupy a large number of market shares in various fields of the coating industry.And with the film excellent appearance, good chemical resistance, low temperature resistance.In leather paint, wood paint, metal paint, glass paint, plastic paint and so on.Instead of the traditional acrylic resin, nitrocellulose, epoxy resin and amino resin.High grade waterborne polyurethane resin coatings are widely used in high performance industries such as architectural coatings, automotive coatings, plastic coatings, industrial coatings and corrosion coatings.

Wood coatings such as wood, wood grain panel, rubber board, fiberboard and other raw materials on the preparation of coatings on the equipment.Waterborne polyurethane resin is widely used in furniture, floor, stationery, Musical Instruments and building decoration materials.Because poly resin has a high clipping, combined with new synthesis and crosslinking techniques.Can effectively control the composition and structure of the coating, in the gloss, hardness on the great work.But also has good low temperature film formation, high temperature resistance, anti viscosity, high strength, friction resistance, high environmental protection, etc.

Automotive paint, China with the development of scientific research and technology.Waterborne polyurethane resin has been widely used in automotive coatings.From the modern pursuit of green environmental protection and energy saving today.Waterborne coatings are the developing trend of automotive coatings.And it needs to increase year by year.And because the car is high-grade, noble, environmental protection.The waterborne polyurethane resin coating is used to improve the performance and appearance of the products by the automobile manufacturer and the designated automobile parts manufacturer.

Leather paint.Is a most valued feel, softness, glossiness, anti - viscosity effect of the product.So waterborne polyurethane resins have their market.Eliminates a lot of leather finishing agent application staff in the spraying process smell difficult to hit acceptable solvent-based resin leather coating.And excellent film formation, smooth coating, and heat and cold resistance.Easy to clean and maintain.

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