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What silicone oil can be used for denim fabrics?

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Denim fabric has always been a kind of casual fabric favored by the consumer market, and has great development prospects in both the men's clothing market and the women's clothing market. Men's denim fabrics have become more popular in recent years for the smooth skin-feeling style, and various brands have launched their own men's denim and smooth style products. For adjuvant manufacturers to meet such demands, it is particularly important to develop higher quality and higher value-added finishing products. Compared with woven denim, the production of knitted denim has the advantages of short knitting process, low production cost, strong adaptability of raw materials, and small loss of fabrics. At the same time, knitted denim has the characteristics of elasticity, good air permeability, softness and comfort, and fits the human body. Soft, light and smooth, with a smooth and clean surface, the promotion prospect is more optimistic. The use of textile auxiliaries is a common finishing method for denim comfort, such as the highly concentrated cotton fluffing agent CY-8808, which is a cationic modified silicone fluffy softener. It can remain stable in acid, so that the finished denim fabric has a long-lasting effect. Basically no effect.

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