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What silicone glue construction should pay attention in Summer?

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Under such high temperature and exposure environment, the use of building silicone sealant often presents some problems, such as foaming, especially neutral glass sealant. Why is it easier to blister in summer? How do you avoid it?

1. Damp of the substrate leads to foaming of the glue

Southern rainy summer, if after the rain in outdoor construction, interface inside wet wet note glue directly, such as sun adhesive base material and the glue line the inside of the interface temperature, glue line the moisture evaporation inside, will not cure the swollen, comparison of soft rubber foaming, polyethylene foam cushion pole wet sometimes cause glue line blister.

Countermeasures: construction can not blindly seek progress, until the interface dry, and then inject glue, can avoid.

2. the substrate temperature is too high

High temperature in summer, the surface temperature of the construction substrate will be higher, and when the silicone glue is cured, the temperature of the bonding material cannot exceed 50℃.

Once the surface temperature of the substrate is more than 50℃, the glue will cause foam, and the above situation will be encountered in the weathering caulking of the metal plate curtain wall.

In hot summer, when the sun is exposed to the metal plate, especially the surface temperature of the aluminum plate will reach 80℃, the injection of glue is easy to cause foaming of the glue joint.

Countermeasures: construction should be selected in the evening or cloudy days, in order to avoid the high temperature of the substrate caused by the bubble.

3. the uncured glass glue in the sun exposure

General silicone glue before curing is not in the sun exposure, especially just after the injection of glue let the sun exposure, will cause the inside of the glue seam honeycomb bubbles, resulting in the external uplift of the glue seam, this situation in the use of alcohol type silicone glue will be more obvious.

In the hot summer construction, it is easy to occur this situation, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure when glue injection, in order to alleviate the phenomenon of blistering.

Countermeasures: in the morning in the west side of the building or the north side of the glue injection, the afternoon in the east side of the building or the south side of the glue injection. In this way, after glue injection, the glue after a period of time of curing, the surface has skin, the sun and then exposed to the sun, there is a certain resistance, there will be some relief to the foaming phenomenon.

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