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What problem will be encountered during the dyeing process

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What problem will be encountered during the dyeing process


Color difference

The dyed products have different shades and shades. According to the difference of color difference, it is divided into same batch color difference and same color difference. The color difference of the same batch refers to the color difference between the box and the box, the piece and the piece, the bag and the bag, and the horse and the horse in the product of one color number in the same batch. The color difference of the same horse refers to the chromatic aberration of the edge, the chromatic aberration of the front and rear, or the chromatic aberration of the front and back of the same product.



Grey fabric reason

The dye is distributed unevenly on the fabric

       Fabric factors (size on cloth surface)

       Liquid absorption factors (liquid absorption, uneven penetration)

       Pre-baking factor (uneven drying)

Different degree of fixation of dyes on fabric: improper control of fixation conditions (such as baking)

Improper choice of dye

Variation of dye shade

      Pre-dyeing factors (whiteness of semi-products, pH value, etc.)

      Dyeing factors (such as high temperature)

      Post-dyeing factors (processes in finishing and additives added)

      Soaping factor

Operation reason: uneven chemical material, improper feeding; uneven jelly dyeing cloth



Strengthen blank inspection to ensure the quality of grey fabric

Choose suitable equipment, use uniform rolling car or improve the uniformity of rolling car

Strengthen scouring and bleaching management and provide qualified semi-finished products

Use the same grey fabric for the same batch of dyed materials

The cloth surface should be evenly dried before dyeing

The setting effect should be even before dyeing

After mercerizing, the pH value of the cloth surface is controlled to be neutral

Reasonable selection of dyes (similar dyeing curves, enhanced dye testing, etc.)

Add levelling additives when dyeing

Reasonable dyeing process

Pay attention to post-dyeing treatment, wash and soap sufficiently

The choice of finishing auxiliaries should be cautious and the process conditions should be consistent.

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