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What is the role of degreaser in nylon warp knitted fabrics?

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Nylon warp knitted fabrics have a large market demand because they are comfortable and fashionable to wear, and the products have a wide range of uses. In the weaving process of nylon warp knitted fabrics, in order to improve fiber cohesion, ensure fiber strength, and reduce end breakage, it is usually necessary to add a special textile finishing agent. The presence of the oil agentnot only reduces the whiteness of the fabric, stains the fabric, and produces silicone oil spots, etc., it is easy to occur in the pre-treatment degreasing water washing after the oil agent gathers on the cloth surface to cause "white spots", which seriously affects the dyeing of the fabric, etc. Subsequent processing, so the pre-processing of nylon warp knitted fabrics is mainly to remove oil.

The essence of degreasing is the process of emulsification and removal of the oil. The physical and chemical effects of the degreasing detergent are used to weaken the adhesion between the oil and the surface of the fiber, and it is separated under the action of the mechanical force of the washing machine. After the oil and stains are removed with strong spray on the screen drum of the washing machine, the oil is dispersed in the water.

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