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What is the relationship between the viscosity of amino silicone oil and the hand feeling?

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Viscosity is related to polymer molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Generally speaking, the greater the viscosity, the greater the molecular weight of amino silicone oil, the better the film-forming properties on the fabric surface, the softer the hand, the better the smoothness, but the worse its permeability, especially for tightly twisted fabrics and fine denier For fabrics, it is difficult for the amino silicone oil to penetrate into the fiber and affect the performance of the fabric. If the viscosity is too high, the stability of the emulsion will be worse or it is difficult to make microemulsion. Generally, the product cannot be adjusted by viscosity alone, and the performance of the product is often balanced by the ammonia value and viscosity. Generally, a low ammonia value requires a high viscosity to balance the softness of the fabric.

Therefore, a high-viscosity amino-modified silicone oil is required for a smooth hand. However, during the softening process and baking, some amino silicone oils are cross-linked to form a film, thereby increasing the molecular weight. Therefore, the initial molecular weight of the amino silicone oil is different from the molecular weight of the amino silicone oil that is finally formed on the fabric. Therefore, when the same amino silicone oil is processed under different process conditions, the smoothness of the final product can vary greatly. On the other hand, low-viscosity amino silicone oil can also improve the feel of the fabric by adding a crosslinking agent or adjusting the baking temperature. Low-viscosity amino silicone oil increases permeability, and through cross-linking agent and process optimization, the advantages of high and low-viscosity amino silicone oil can be combined. Generally, the viscosity of amino silicone oil is in the range of 150 to 5000 centipoise.

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