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What is the principle of chemical storage classification?

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1. Separate storage of solid and liquid:

That is, solid or powder chemicals (dye or auxiliary) need to be stored separately from liquid chemicals (dye or auxiliary). For example, solid powder dyes should be stored separately from liquid additives. The purpose is to prevent the moisture in the additives from evaporating and cause the dyes to get damp, and also to prevent the leakage of liquid additives and contaminate the dyes.

2. Store acid and alkali separately:

Acidic chemicals and alkaline chemicals should be stored separately. Such as acetic acid and caustic soda.

3. Separate storage of oxidant and reducing agent:

Oxidizing chemicals and reducing chemicals should be stored separately, such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.

4. Common chemicals and hazardous chemicals are stored separately:

The key here is to store and manage hazardous chemicals separately.

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