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What is the high temperature silicone?

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High temperature silicone is a term that describes a specially formulated organic silicon product that is resistant to overheating.The substances used in these products are silicon-based polymers, which include a wide range of additive elements.The most common high temperature silicone products are rubbers, resins, and silicone treated glass fibers.The temperature tolerance range of high-temperature silicone products varies for personal use, with general products rated at approximately 300°F (150°C), while professional products are rated at over 500°F (260°C).This type of silicone is used in sealants that require adhesives or insulators that will not degrade or deform when exposed to high temperatures.


The name high temperature silicone is actually somewhat misleading because silicone products usually have excellent resistance to thermal properties.However, yes, silicone products are specifically designed to improve heat resistance.General-purpose silicone products comfortably resist constant exposure to temperatures ranging from 100°F to 150°F (37 -- 65°C).Designed for use in harsh thermal environments, high-temperature silicone products use low-grade products rated at temperatures of 150 to 200°F. At approximately this temperature level, the cannons in these products can withstand continuous exposure to 400°F (405°C), with short peaks of up to 500 -- 600°F (260 -- 315°C),There are many forms of heat-resistant silicone products, all of which have specific related applications.Gel sealants are commonly used to seal applications around stove flue, gas appliance vents, and vehicle exhaust systems.High temperature silicone rubber insulated wires are usually used in stoves, ovens and boilers.In the construction industry, high-temperature silicone foam is commonly used as a fireproof material for walls and floors.A large number of high temperature silicone products have one characteristic in common: there is no hanging, cracking or carbonization at all in high temperature application.


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