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What is the general outline of heat setting?

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Heat setting refers to the process of keeping the fabric at a certain size under appropriate tension, heating it at a certain temperature for a certain period of time, and then rapidly cooling it down. Heat setting can eliminate the existing creases on the fabric, improve the dimensional stability of the fabric, make it difficult to produce creases that are difficult to remove, and improve the pilling and surface smoothness of the fabric, and the strength, feel and feel of the fabric Dyeing performance also has a certain impact.

Synthetic fibers have thermoplasticity, but when the glass transition temperature is below, the fiber macromolecular chain is in a frozen state, and only normal elastic deformation can occur when subjected to force. When the temperature is greater than the glass transition temperature, the molecular chain starts to move, the fiber is in a highly elastic state, and high elastic deformation occurs when a force is applied. Because synthetic fibers have both crystalline and amorphous regions, only when the temperature is greater than the melting point and greater than the viscous flow temperature, the fiber macromolecular chain is in a viscous flow state and can produce plastic deformation, otherwise it is still in a high elastic state. When the synthetic fiber is in a highly elastic state, tension is applied to the fiber, which is the peristaltic rearrangement of the molecular chain along the direction of the external force, and establishes a new intermolecular force at a new position, maintains the tension and cools, and the new The state can be fixed, so as to achieve the purpose of stereotypes.

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