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What is the effect of using fixing agent?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, there are stricter requirements on the color fastness, hand feel and other quality standards of clothing; therefore, after soaping, it is necessary to fix the color, especially red, turquoise blue, emerald green, etc. Varieties with low fastness.


Examples of production process (dipping and fixing):


Multifunctional fixing agent 0.5~2% (o.w.f)


Acetic acid 0.2~0.5g/l (pH value 5)


Temperature 40~60℃


Time 15~30min


The process of adding multifunctional fixing agent RD-100 in the shaping tank (pad dye fixing):


Multifunctional fixing agent RD-100 2~6g/l


Acetic acid adjusts pH value 5 0.2~0.5


Fastness/grade of traditional finished products: (take big red as an example)


Washing fastness 2.5


Dry rubbing fastness 3.5


Fastness to wet rubbing 2.5


New process, using multifunctional fixing agent, fastness/grade of finished product:


Washing fastness 3.5


Dry rubbing fastness 4.0


Fastness to wet rubbing 3.5


It can be seen from the above results that the use of multifunctional fixing agent can significantly improve the washing, dry and wet rubbing fastness of fabrics, solve the problem of poor dye fastness of polyester and cotton, and meet the quality requirements of clothing for color fastness.


Multifunctional fixing agent has little effect on light fastness and shade. After fixing, it has obvious advantages in hand feeling for other fixing agents, and its water solubility is good, it is non-sticky, non-sticky, and convenient for workers to operate.

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