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What is the definition of Rotary Print?

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The printing mold is a cylindrical nickel-skin screen with a hollow pattern, which is installed in a certain order above the circulating rubber guide belt and can rotate synchronously with the guide belt. When printing, the color paste is input into the net and stored at the bottom of the net. When the rotary net rotates with the guide belt, the scraper pressed against the bottom of the net and the flower net are relatively scraped, and the color paste reaches the surface of the fabric through the patterns on the net.

Rotary screen printing is a continuous process with high production efficiency.

The rotary screen printing process is a continuous process, and the printed fabric is conveyed under the continuous movement of the rotary screen through a wide rubber belt. Among screen printing, rotary screen printing has the fastest production speed, which is greater than 3,500 yards per hour.

Rotary screen making process: inspection and preparation of black and white drafts---rotating screen selection---rotating screen cleaning---applying photosensitive glue---exposure---developing---baking---adhesive bulkhead ---Check for use

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