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What is the cause of stains during the dyeing process

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The color of the cloth is uneven and it is blocky, dark or light, irregular stains



The uniformity of fiber raw materials and fabric structure

Uniformity of pre-treatment cloth surface

Cause of staining

The dye levelness (migration) is poor.

Dye migration during dyeing;

Dye fineness is too fine;

Unreasonable process (for example, the temperature rise and fall speed is too fast)

Improper operation (such as too fast feeding, too fast drying speed)

Equipment problem

For example, after the disperse dye dyes polyester, the temperature in the oven of the heat setting machine is also easy to produce color shading, and the insufficient pump power of the rope dyeing machine may also cause color shading.


Overcoming method


Strengthen grey fabric inspection.

According to fiber properties, dyes with good levelling properties are selected.

Strengthen the pre-treatment to ensure the quality of semi-finished products.

The rolling margin must be uniform;

Add levelling additives;

The dye used reaches the required fineness range;

During drying, the temperature is from low to high to avoid dye migration.

The dyeing process is reasonable and the process conditions are strictly controlled.

Strengthen equipment inspection and debugging.

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