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What is the amino value of amino silicone oil?

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The various properties (such as soft hand feel, smoothness, elasticity, etc.) imparted to the fabric by amino silicone oil are all caused by the amino groups in the polymer. The ammonia value is proportional to the amino content (percentage) in the amino silicone oil. The higher the amino content, the greater the ammonia value, and the softer and smoother the finished fabric will feel. The ammonia value of the amino silicone oil used as fabric softener is generally 0.2 Between ~ 0.6. Although the softness of amino silicone softener is related to the ammonia value. But the properties of fabrics do not completely depend on the ammonia value. Whether the amino group is evenly distributed or not, the molecular weight of the amino silicone oil will affect the properties of the fabric.

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