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What is the Dispersibility of the leveling agent

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Dispersibility is also one of the necessary conditions for a good leveling agent for disperse dyes. The dispersibility of the leveling agent can avoid the agglomeration of the dye during the dyeing process (generally, a dispersant is added in the production process of disperse dyes). The following is the leveling agent dispersion A test method of sex:


1. Experimental materials:


C.I. Dispersion Red 167# 1.0g/L

Levelling agent x g/L

pH value 4.5

Total liquid volume 100mL

2. Experimental method:

Dye liquor heat treatment: heat the dye liquor to 130°C for 30 minutes, and then lower the temperature to 70°C at a rate of 2°C/min.

Dye liquor filtration: first preheat the Buchner funnel with 70hot water and dry it with a towel, then stack the medium-speed qualitative filter paper on top of the fast qualitative filter paper, put it in the funnel, turn on the vacuum pump, and transfer the dye liquor at 70Pour into the funnel. When the appearance of the filter paper changes from wet to dry, it is the end point. Take out the filter paper and dry the upper layer of filter paper for evaluation.

3. Result evaluation:

Visually inspect the dye precipitation on the filter paper, the less the dye color point, the better the dispersion.




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